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High Growth Investing

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Basics of my high growth investing strategy

Since the start of this blog in 2017, it has always been my goal to make my knowledge about high-growth investing available to all interested readers in a form that is as easy to digest as possible and free of charge.


Over the years I have published a number of articles on this blog on various aspects of my investment strategy.  Unfortunately, this collection of contributions has not only become extensive over time, but also somewhat confusing.


That's why I'm now providing you with an e-book that explains the basics of my high-growth investing strategy on almost 40 pages.

You can now download my e-book here for free and can expect the following content:

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  • What is high growth investing?

    • High growth investing is value investing

    • Why High Growth Stocks Follow Different Rules of the Game

  • Assess the potential of a high-growth stock

    • The high-growth stock dilemma

    • The concept of enterprise value

    • The EV/Sales ratio to evaluate high growth stocks

    • Gross Margin

    • Learn to understand the business model

    • The visibility of future sales through "Recurring Revenues"

    • How is the fair company value estimated?

  • With the right exit strategy to the tenbagger

    • The crux with the fair value

    • Time works for you in high-growth investing

    • Should you sell after 100% price gain?

    • The uncertain look into the future

    • When in doubt, take profits with you

    • Time to exit

  • The "Rule of 30" as an alternative to stop prices

    • What about stop courses?

    • The "Rule of 30"

    • When in doubt, take losses

  • Many paths lead to success

In this e-book, I will introduce you to the cornerstones of my high-growth investing strategy, which I have personally discovered for myself and have been continuously developing for years.


But there are certainly other promising investment strategies. Above all, it is important that you have a strategy that suits your personality, that you follow consistently and constantly adapt to your experiences.

Then you too will – assuming the appropriate patience – achieve far above-average returns over the years. In this case, success can be planned very well. 


And do not forget:

Time is working for you in High-Growth Investing!

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